If you are looking to arrange a repatriation or discuss other options for yourself, family or friend you may find our private clients page more helpful.

We are proud to offer this industry beating service.

We will do everything we can to get a UK registered health care professional to you or your family’s bedside the same day within Europe.

Our service is not a medical emergency response service but what we will do is get an English speaking UK registered health care professional at the patients side the same day. There are clearly some exclusions to this but in the main we can provide this service to most of Europe, as far as Egypt and North Africa. We see the remit of this health care professional to coordinate communication between a hospital, family and patient, allowing speedy information to be passed between all parties which can often expedite a repatriation.

This service is not a same day repatriation service as this is likely to be clinically unsafe. Repatriations are always conducted once the full extent of a patient’s injury or illness is known and this can only be done by communicating with a hospital and reviewing a patient’s notes. Our new and exciting service seeks to speed up the communication process and put family members at ease. Our commitment to excellent communication ensures that you are kept in the loop at all times.

Some exclusions apply, please contact us for full exclusions & more details.

Why Flight Medic UK?

Dedicated case coordination specialist

Each case will be assigned a dedicated case coordination specialist and every case is reviewed at all stages by our highly experienced in house medical team.

Know your clinician

We are proud to be able to send corporate industry clients a full resume of each health care professional on a case by case basis. Backed by our robust GDPR compliant policies, we generate this in real time, so you can be assured the information we send you will be up to date. Details such as a short resume, the clinicians national registration number and their photograph are all sent to you along with a list of their current qualifications.

Secure video consultation

We are developing a secure video consultation tool that will allow us to consult with patients and medical teams via a secure and simple to use video link. Globally accessible, these consultations will then be securely stored within our case management system, Black Box on our UK based servers, available for playback at any time.

These recorded consultations will be securely available to your own in house medical team, whilst still being located on our UK based and GDPR compliant servers. Indeed, your own medical team may wish to join our medical team for the same consultation.

Black Box (R)

At the centre of our organisation is Black Box® a custom designed and written cloud based application. We can allow our corporate clients access to specific elements of this to keep our communications with you secure and GDPR compliant without the requirement for VPN’s or additional security features.