About Us

Flight Medic UK Limited is a medical repatriation company based in the United Kingdom. We provide medical repatriation services to both individuals and insurance companies all around the globe. We assist those who need medical assistance to return safely home.

Much more than just a medical repatriation provider. Over the years we have developed a solid international reputation. We adopt a compassionate and personalised approach to the service in which we provide and excel in even the most complex and delicate situations. Flight Medic UK Limited have a proven track record for promoting excellence in the sphere of medical repatriation.

We are a small, well-respected company with a global presence. We do not deny the fact that we are a small company and in fact consider out modest size to be one of our many strengths. We are a close-knit team of highly experienced individuals with a real passion for what we do. Our commitment to patient care sits at the core of our operations as we adopt a patient-centric approach to our repatriations. We understand how upsetting medical emergencies can be for both patients and their families, the service in which we provide is personalised and compassionate. Our dedicated team provide regular journey updates to insurance companies, friends and family members by telephone, email or SMS. Here at Flight Medic UK Limited we endeavour to keep everyone informed so too ensure your journey runs as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

We can tailor packages to suit each individual patients’ needs and we only deploy the best medical UK registered professionals to our patients. Our commitment to patient care sits at the heart of everything in which we do. The technology we use has been custom built for our organisation and is industry leading. All client information is secure and fully compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations.

Our Flight Doctors, Flight Nurses, and Flight Paramedics are on standby to assist you in your journey home. Flight Medic UK Limited are here to support you.

The Flight Medic Family - Senior Management Team

Here at Flight Medic UK Limited we consider our team to be our biggest asset. We’d like to introduce you to the senior management team.

Nick Ginnever

CEO and Managing Director

About Nick…
Nick is our CEO and Managing Director here at Flight Medic UK Limited. He is one of the founding fathers of the company and brings a wealth of extensive experience with a career spanning over 30 years. In addition to being CEO Nick is also a UK registered medical professional.

Nick has worked in a variety of roles throughout his career. Some of which include Rapid Response Paramedic (United Kingdom), Paramedic Mentor (United Kingdom), Mass Casualty Decontamination Instructor for the National Health Service, Major Incident Medical Manager and Support Instructor for the UK National Health Service, Paramedic Support for British Super Bike Racing, Unit Medic for television productions and a Critical Care Paramedic at various sporting event around the United Kingdom.

Despite his seniority Nick is not the kind of person to sit behind a desk all day typing away on his computer. Nick is extremely proactive in his role within the Company. He is renowned for his hands on approach to Flight Medic UK operations and has worked extensively for over a decade as an Aeromedical Critical Care Paramedic. Moreover, Nick can often be found boarding an aircraft on route to assist our patients to return home (it may well be our very own CEO who is deployed to assist you). Nick also oversees both our case co-ordination and medical team, contributing to Flight Medic UK Limited at both an operational and board level.

Very little phases Nick and he is well-known for his ability to manage even the most complex cases. His calm and caring demeanour has been identified as an asset to both patients and colleagues alike during times of complication or difficulty. Nick is praised regularly for being friendly, reassuring and overall, a lovely person. He is an irreplaceable member of the Fight Medic UK Limited team.

Global travel, book collecting and recreational flying (Nick holds a private pilot’s license).

Global repatriation

Julie Ginnever

Company Secretary and Head of Finance

About Julie…
Julie began her career within the field of physical fitness and sports injury rehabilitation. She holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Sports Science and Injury Management. In addition to her sports science degree Julie is a qualified gym and studio instructor and holds her Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage (soft tissue therapy). Julie worked for a number of years within the fitness and sports injury rehabilitation industry, during which time she specialised in endurance training and the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. A career change saw Julie retrain within the legal sector where she went on to obtain her Graduate Diploma in Law and Master of Laws Professional Legal Practice, award at Distinction. Upon completion of her university studies Julie worked for several years as a UK legal professional.

Julie joined Flight Medic UK Limited in 2022, her role here is that of Company Secretary and Head of Finance. Julie runs our finance department and oversees all matters relating to, HR, corporate governance and compliance. She is a proactive and approachable individual who goes above and beyond to assist both our corporate and private clients.

Julie is recognised for her innovative thinking, professionalism, and attention to detail. She is renowned for her ability to work at fast pace with precision and accuracy. Her diverse educational background brings a unique skillset to Flight Medic UK Limited.

Global travel, strength training, hiking and theatre.

Corporate Governance
Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Dr. Imran Ghafoor

Chief Medical Officer

About Imran…
Imran qualified as a doctor in 2007, his career first began within the bustling medical landscape of the Manchester Area. During this time he honed his skills working for two years within an A&E Department. Driven by a passion for community health, Imran later transitioned from the hospital setting, qualifying as a General Practitioner in 2012.

For more than 10 years, Imran has been fostering strong doctor-patient relationships. His commitment to his patients needs extends beyond the boundaries of his clinic as he collaborates closely with the safeguarding team to ensure the delivery of a comprehensive care package. In addition to his role as a GP Imran also practices as a Crowd Doctor and has managed medical needs at numerous events, embracing the dynamic challenges these environments present. His extended career provides for a diverse array of knowledge and experience.

Imran is best described as a dedicated individual who is passionate about providing compassionate care and promoting the well-being of his patients. He is both an experienced General Practitioner (GP) and Events Medicine Specialist and brings over a decade of medical expertise to his practice. Imran appreciates the unique demands of aviation medicine and his broad range of medical experience and continuing National Health Service practice equips Imran with to an impressive array of both knowledge and expertise.

Imran regularly flies for Flight Medic UK Limited and receives high praise and feedback from his patients and their families for the care in which he provides. His knowledge and experience make Imran a valued member of the Flight Medic UK Limited team.

Medicine, Global Travel, Exploration (traversing distant landscapes/ immersing in new cultures).

General Practice: Fully qualified and dedicated to patient well-being.
Events Medicine: Experience in managing health and safety during gatherings.
Occupational Medicine: Certified with a Diploma in Occupational Medicine.

Jill Pritchard

Chief Flight Nurse

About Jill…
Jill qualified as a UK registered nurse in 1983 and an has since obtained a vast array of experience in the healthcare profession. Over the past 40 years she has held many varied positions across the NHS, private sector and within the Military.

1993 saw Jill join the Royal Air Force (RAF) where she trained as an aeromedical repatriation nurse. Jill flew with the RAF for 20 years during which time she served full operational deployments including the Gulf War 2 and Afghanistan. Jill continues to practice as a nurse for the RAF. In addition to her practical expertise Jill holds a wealth of teaching experience and works in universities across the United Kingdom as a clinical nurse tutor, teaching practical skills to both students, qualified nurses and allied health care professionals.

Jill is an extremely experienced and valued member of the Flight Medic UK Limited team and we are proud to have her on board as our Chief Flight Nurse.

Hill walking, travel and ancient history.

Member of the Royal College of Nursing
Aeromedical Repatriation (30 years + experience)

Roger Linnell

Chief Flight Paramedic

About Roger…
Roger is a Critical Care Paramedic, he holds a PGCert in Advanced Critical Care Practice from Warwick University and has 36 years pre-hospital experience. Roger started his career in Nottingham where he worked for the National Health Service ambulance service for 33 years. Upon leaving the ambulance service he then became a freelance practitioner. Part of Rogers ambulance service career included a secondment for 20 years during which time he worked as a HEMS Paramedic on the local air ambulance. Roger is autonomous in certain advanced surgical skills and is qualified to provide blood transfusions at the roadside, he is also autonomous in the administration of advanced analgesia.

In addition to his role as a Critical Care Paramedic, during his free time Roger engages in charitable work. His biggest achievement recently was trekking 100 kilometres across the Sahara Desert, helping to raise £66,000 GBP for Charity.

Roger has flown on multiple complex missions for Flight Medic UK Limited and we are delighted to have him working within our senior clinical team.

Spending time with family, dog walking, DIY and learning to play the Saxophone.

Critical Care
Wound management
Enhanced Sedation