Worldwide Medical Repatriation

We are able to provide a full range of United Kingdom registered health care professionals most suited to your needs.

Same Day Assist

We will do everything we can to get a UK registered health care professional to you or your family’s bedside the same day within Europe.

Other services

From air and ground ambulance provision to aircraft charter, mental health crisis repatriation & close protection security escorts, we have you covered.

Welcome to Flight Medic UK Limited

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An Award Winning United Kingdom based medical repatriation company

We're more than just a medical repatriation provider, we are a team of highly experienced individuals who adopt a compassionate and personalised approach to the service in which we provide.

Providing medical repatriation services to both individuals and insurance companies all around the globe, we're here to assist those who need medical assistance to return home safely.

Our Company’s ethos is built upon a genuine care for our patient’s health and well-being. Sitting at the heart of everything we do is our commitement to patient care, implementing a patient centric approach to all of our operations.

Small But Mighty

We may be a small company, but we consider our modest size to be one of our many strengths. As a well-respected company with a global presence, Flight Medic UK is a close-knit team of highly experienced individuals with a real passion for what we do. Our commitment to patient care sits at the core of our operations as we adopt a patient-centric approach to our repatriations.

Our Mission

Here at Flight medic UK Limited we pride ourselves in providing a personal yet professional approach to our service, we listen to our clients’ needs and endeavour to make the journey to your chosen destination as swift, stress free and comfortable as possible.

Every service we provide is entirely bespoke to the individual. With both experience and expertise in medical repatriation, by instructing us for your needs you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We'll be there to assist you throughout all the stages of your journey.

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Rear of Flight Medic UK ambulance

Our experienced team are on hand to work with either individuals or insurance companies to offer the most effective means of medical repatriation.

Latest News

We are award-winning!

Flight Medic UK has been awarded the Best Medical Repatriation Company – UK 2020 in the Midlands Enterprise Awards by SME News!...