Worldwide Medical Repatriation

Our experienced team are on hand to work with either individuals or insurance companies to offer the most effective means of medical repatriation. We are able to take on the full commitment of organising the entire transfer or simply provide you with highly qualified and experienced staff, at a moments notice.

We are able to provide a full range of United Kingdom registered health care professionals most suited to your needs, most frequently using Paramedics, Nurses and Physicians. Our Paramedics work to current United Kingdom clinical practice guidelines meaning they have full autonomy over their clinical practice and are able to administer a large range of medication to the full spectrum of patients during their transfer.

Our repatriation packages can include as few or as many of the following:
  • Medical notes translation
  • Submission of airline specific medical clearance forms
  • Arranging stretchers on board commercial aircraft if required.
  • Arranging medical oxygen both on the ground and in the aircraft
  • Arranging the most suitable transportation requirements for the patient and family which can be anything from a taxi through to an ambulance
  • Regular journey updates to insurance companies / friends / family by telephone, email or SMS.

 Same Day Assist

We are pleased to offer our Flight Medic Same Day Assist.

We can get a UK registered health care professional to you or your family’s bedside the same day within Europe.

Our service is not a medical emergency response service but what we will do is get an English speaking UK registered health care professional at the patients side the same day. There are clearly some exclusions to this but in the main we can provide this service to most of Europe, as far as Egypt and north Africia. We see the remit of this health care professional to coordinate communication between a hospital, family and patient, allowing speedy information to be passed between all parties which can often expedite a repatriation.

This service is not a same day repatriation service as this is likely to be clinically unsafe. Repatriations are always conducted once the full extent of a patient’s injury or illness is known and this can only be done by communicating with a hospital and reviewing a patient’s notes. Our new and exciting service seeks to speed up the communication process and put family members at ease. Our commitment to excellent communication ensures that you are kept in the loop at all times.

Some exclusions apply, please contact us for full exclusions & more details. You must have discussed the case with us and have funds cleared in our bank by 10am UK time for us to send a health care professional the same day.


Personal Flight Escort

Our team is able to offer a tailored, cost effective package allowing vulnerable or infirm relatives to travel by land, sea or air with one of our team members throughout their journey. This service is typically used by those visiting friends or family abroad. Taking your medication as prescribed is clearly important. Let our experienced medical staff ease this burden; We use our knowledge and experience to ensure you take your medication at the correct time intervals whilst travelling whilst dealing with any other needs you may have.

We help take the stress and anxiety of travel away by providing as much or as little of the complete service as you require; the complete service offering;

  • All bookings / Reservations taken care of
  • Door to door transfers
  • Checking of all luggage is within the current flight / travel restrictions
  • Assistance with boarding / disembarking the aircraft
  • Assistance with personal needs (if required) throughout the flight
  • A friendly face in the adjacent seat
  • Regular updates to friends and family by telephone / SMS / Email if required
  • Discount on a return trip

Nervous or Infrequent Flyer?

As you would imagine our team have many flying hours under their belt and if you are a nervous or infrequent flyer wanting that extra peace of mind we can offer you a great deal on our Personal Flight Escort packages.

No Travel Insurance?

We will give you the best price possible. As we are a small company with limited overheads we can keep our costs down. Talk to us and see what we can offer.