New service launches today!

Flight medic UK today launches a brand new service in time for the summer holidays!


Flight Medic Same Day Assist will get a United Kingdom registered health care professional to a patient’s side in europe the same day!

Operations Director, Nick Ginnever commented “some of our customers make often traumatic telephone calls to us stating that due to language barriers and local country procedures, health care staff in other countries do not communicate with them regarding theirs or their relatives care. This leads to anxiety and can, in some cases, unnecessarily delay repatriation to their home country.

Our service is not a medical emergency response service but what we will do is get an English speaking UK registered health care professional at the patients side the same day. There are clearly some exclusions to this but in the main we can provide this service to most of Europe, as far as Egypt and north Africia. We would see the remit of this health care professional to coordinate communication between a hospital, family and patient, allowing speedy information to be passed between all parties which can often expedite a repatriation. Clients must have contacted us with funds cleared in the bank by 10:00hrs UK time. This will allow us to get the health care professional onto the next available aircraft.”

“This service is not a same day repatriation service as this is likely to be clinically unsafe. Repatriations are always conducted once the full extent of a patient’s injury or illness is known and this can only be done by communicating with a hospital and reviewing a patient’s notes. Our new and exciting service seeks to speed up the communication process and put family members at ease., commented Andy Booth, Clinical Director.

For further information on the Flight Medic Same Day Assist please contact us by telephone +441158718161 or click the link on our web page for a FREE call back.