Introducing Flight Medic UK’s Aviation Medicine Academy!

As one of the UK’s leading repatriation providers, this is something we are really excited to bring to you and marks the first in our series of industry leading training courses ran by Chief Flight Nurse Jill Pritchard.

Keep your eyes peeled for more training courses coming soon!

A bit more about Jill:

Jill is an extremely experienced Nurse and has had a varied career with a wide range of postings including Acute Medicine, Practice Nursing, Gynaecology and CCU before training as a flight nurse with the RAF reserve some 25 years ago!

Since then Jill has been deployed to many places including the Gulf, Afghanistan and Sierra Leonne completing aeromedical repatriation for our forces & civilians. Jill has also been in Egypt, the Czech Republic, Norway, Iceland and Oman teaching and training in Human Factors, First Aid and Health Management & teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Currently, Jill is a Clinical Nurse Tutor for a wide range of clients around the UK including universities, prisons, health trust student nurses and other allied healthcare professionals. She doesn’t stop there though! Jill works with St John Wales as a commercial First Aid Instructor and of course for Flight Medic UK as Chief Flight Nurse and in her spare(!) time Jill delivers CPR and defibrillator training to the community with Welsh Hearts.