Flight Medic UK is now a registered trade mark!

In recent weeks, the trademark for Flight Medic UK has been approved. This is fantastic news and something we have been working very hard on.

Flight Medic UK worldwide medical repatriation

To coincide with this, our HR platform Black Box (trademark also approved) has also gone live, allowing a smoother communication network for our team and consequently a smoother repatriation for our patients.

black box

As part of this Flight Medic UK has also released a series of informational booklets for patients, families and the Flight Medic UK team.

The existing patient booklet has been re-released and updated. This booklet allows patients to understand about the process of their repatriation, some common themes regarding flying as well as personalised repatriation flight and repatriation team details.

The communication booklet helps to break down any language barrier that the patient or team member may have by supporting communication with picture and words. Not forgetting British Sign Language and basic Makaton. This booklet covers everything that would be needed in a repatriation from initial communication, incident history, medical history and the imminent journey.

We look forward to using these in upcoming missions and seeing their positive effect on patients and the team.

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