A message from the Crockford family in Australia

Words are not adequate for the deep appreciation, I and the Crockford families feel for the wonderful outcome you achieved on our behalf, thank you, thank you!

For many years I managed both commercial and community organisations plus I have lectured, tutored and ran workshops in management for tertiary institutions, government departments and corporations; this said to make the following statement, “rarely have I dealt with an organisation that is professional, efficient and effective in what they do with such a ‘people’ relational focus and pastoral concern to achieve a good outcome as their goal with every difficulty they encountered“. Allow me to say there were many difficulties!!

I am ever so grateful to QBE Travel Insurance for referring us to you. Your skills, long-term experience in international medical rehabilitation and professional expertise made a way where there seemed to be no way; your knowledge of the industry and contacts within the emergency medical rehabilitation field and what was required to open the doors gave me confidence at a time when I had lost hope Dad would ever be returned to Australia … alive after suffering a heart attack and lung complications on a river cruise in Germany.

What you did so well was your constant updates on what you were doing on our behalf, the difficulties faced and probable outcomes. We were never left wondering what was occurring! Amazing stuff! As a lecturer in communication in management I would grade you top marks, 100%! Excellent, your commitment to communicate undoubtedly comes from a clear understanding of the angst people suffer in an unknown situation unexpectedly.

I was drowning in impossibility till you and your organisation rescued not only my father and his wife but myself from a frustrating hopeless situation where I had run out of possibilities. As you are aware the hurdles my father and Lesley faced were insurmountable. The German doctors in Bamberg Hospital would not issue a “Fit to Fly” release and no airline was prepared to allow oxygen on their aircraft at that stage. To complicate matters my father was unable to have travel insurance before he travelled because of his age and condition. Quiet frankly after six weeks of banging my head without any positive outcome contacting you immediately injected hope that my father would be rehabilitated back to Australia. Your organisational skills and knowledge of the industry proved invaluable. Problem solving and practical alternatives are a part of an executive manager’s skill ‘kit’, the breadth and depth of your adaptability to encounter and wrestle with issues and to generate workable solutions were impressive.

Now to your choice of a Paramedic; your paramedic Tracey was a wise choice, an exceptional professional with relational skills and an encouraging demeanour that provided my father with the necessary ‘grit’ to endure a long journey back to Australia from Germany; equally as important as her obvious paramedical skills demonstrated. Dad and Lesley’s were full of praise for her competence and ability to manage my father’s health to ensure oxygenation and vital signs. As such they appreciated your paramedic Tracey, her care and concern, always being there for them, her health and medical assessment provided confidence and comfort to them. Her humour and good nature was obvious when we connected at Brisbane airport, even after a night of no sleep monitoring my father; now that was special. Thank you Tracey, the Crockford family are indebted to you for going beyond the required duty.

The impression I received from dealing with Flight Medic UK is our problem was not merely a project. They took pains to build relationship in the context of a crisis we personally found demanding and at times overwhelming. The reward for us when situations did not work out (e.g. negotiations with airlines not prepared to allow my father to fly) provided both encouragement and comfort; we trusted them because they clearly communicated and understood our pain and angst.

I, Wayne Robert Crockford of Page ACT Australia have offered this testimonial freely and without request from Flight Medic UK. As a professional I understand all too well the need to offer praise where praise is due. Rarely have I experienced a range of management skills so effective and relational.

Rev. Wayne R. Crockford (Ret’d) BA (Soc.Sci./Psych.) Cert. IV TAA, Cert. IV Sm. Bus.